Describe two ways in which lean production at portakabin leads to a more efficient use of resources

Much work has been done on flow production to increase its flexibility and quality. Components of Lead Time Processing time Reduce number of items or improve efficiency Move time Reduce distances, simplify movements, standardize routings Waiting time Better scheduling, sufficient capacity Setup time Generally the biggest bottleneck Quick Setups: Lean production Aims to minimise waste, improve efficiency, reduce defects Environmentally-friendly Leads to higher quality and added value Portakabin meets International Standards for quality ISO and environmental management ISO Portakabin reducing waste in three key parts of production Flow — value added as module goes through production Cellular — buildings created from modules to meet specific needs give customers value Batch — provides value through volume production Introduction to Portakabin: Large capital-intensive firms tend to be more profitable than small ones, when conditions are good.

We also need to continue to make the point that better labelled and better described buildings are essential. But that approach must be rigorous. Each self-contained team cell is responsible for the completion of a product or specific process.

Labour-intensive A labour-intensive industry is one where the cost structure is largely made up of variable cost, with labour being the main resource required for production.

Although offsite is standard practice for some, many are travelling a steep learning curve with a vast knowledge gap between wanting to adopt offsite and actually using it correctly.

This form of team working has become increasingly popular as it combines the advantages of mass production with a human system, which is more motivating than the traditional assembly line. The more sophisticated the offsite industry gets the more attractive it gets for younger people.

The team is responsible for quality control and 'sells' the part-finished product to the next cell which is regarded as an 'internal customer'. Multiple sequences can be applied to each model, allowing different scenarios and outcomes to be visualised.

It recently hosted a Roundtable Event to discuss future housing challenges and the role of offsite manufacture.

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They include a complete three-storey home constructed by property development company, Brooke Homes. However, businesses operating in countries where labour is relatively cheap are more likely to use labour-intensive production methods. Can the offsite architect integrate the technical know-how and both contextualise and shape offsite buildings in an attractive manner, by better understanding the technologies and processes that deliver a factory-led approach to building?

The service sector includes many examples of labour-intensive activities, including schools, banks and legal firms. To achieve that, it is necessary to significantly increase the average annual output of affordable homes and the only way that is going to be achieved is by embracing and making full use of offsite manufacturing techniques.

In other words the vehicle is made-to-order, but not using job production.

The problem is whether there is enough knowledge in the design market to understand what offsite actually can offer and deliver on this front. Prepare a short report explaining how it is becoming possible to apply industrial robots to tasks that cannot easily be automated and which presently rely heavily on human workers.

The key objective foris the enabling of new delivery models to be adopted across the sector: The team is responsible for allocating specific roles, covering for absences and holidays, appointing their own supervisors, organising training and arranging their own breaks.

The IIP recognises the importance for companies to train and develop their employees, so winning this award means a great deal to me and reconfirms that we are doing the right thing.

Examine the likely effects of these changes in operation on quality, price and choice. It would seem that the climate is right to encourage a wider range of clients, developers and supply chain participants into the housing market. Introduction to Portakabin Part of the the Shepherd Group, established in s One of the largest family-owned companies in European building industry Portakabin is a registered trade mark Produces high quality modular buildings Used to provide space in schools, hospitals, nurseries, offices Continuous improvement Kaizen: This contrasts with the much slower process of traditional building with bricks and mortar.

Cost structure of firms Some production techniques will be labour intensive and some will be capital intensive. Lean production makes it possible to eliminate waste by reducing defects so that products are 'right first time' and are of a quality that meets customer requirements.

Portakabin Lean production at Portakabin lock. They can be built in half the time it takes to build using traditional methods.

This should improve motivation as employees are empowered, resulting in quality benefits. This revolution has been given the name of lean production.

Until recently, assembly lines were built on the principle of the standardisation of products. Everyone is therefore working to improve quality and give better value to customers.Lean Accounting Lean accounting often refers to more simplified accounting practices that focuses on eliminating waste, reducing production lead time, and producing products on customer demand.

But Lean accounting does not stand alone. Describe two ways in which lean production at Portakabin leads to a more efficient use of resources.

3. Analyse how the waste reduction methods at Portakabin could be applied to another organisation with which you are familiar. There are some lean production methods, which companies use to reduce waste and cost of production for a business like Scott Bader to be successful, and efficient they must have a good production and quality control system.

Major industries, such as automotive, food processing and agriculture have all evolved over time and embraced new ways of working including supply chains, lean, and digital, however, construction. Describe two ways in which lean production at Portakabin leads to a more efficient use of resources.

(12 marks, words) Lean production, as the name suggests involves producing goods and services while stripping out waste.

Operations management

SinceKoskela has reported the adaptation of lean production concepts in the construction industry and presented a production management paradigm where production was conceptualized in three complementary ways, namely as (1) Transformation; (2) Flow; and (3) .

Describe two ways in which lean production at portakabin leads to a more efficient use of resources
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