Male circumcision controversy

Benjamin Spock —whose Baby and Child Care is the biggest selling American single-author book in history, originally supported circumcision but changed his mind near the end of his life. When I suggested that, since he was the sexually active one and they were not at risk, it would be both fairer and more logical to leave the boys alone and get himself circumcised, he looked at me in disbelief and mumbled something to the effect that the operation was too dangerous and painful for adults, and that in any case, he was used to his foreskin and would miss it.

Lower prevalence of human papillomavirus HPV infection in circumcised man than in uncircumcised men.

Circumcision: Controversies and Prospects

Reduced risk of urinary tract Male circumcision controversy UTI ; reduced risk of penile cancer; reduced risk of cervical cancer in partners; reduced risk of sexually transmitted disease STD.

Jews were also required to circumcise all household members, including slaves [Gen Over the years it has been noted that most complications come from the traditional and the untrained circumcisionist. After the film, Lisa will participate in a question-and-answer session and sign copies of her novel.

The Reform movement is often seen as the most influential wing of progressive Judaism. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Diekema also incorrectly said that circumcision opponents regularly use the term "genital mutilation" when referring to the practice.

San Francisco Bay Area author Lisa Braver Moss sensed that circumcision was wrong when she first learned of the ritual as a child. Some surgeons think that complications from this procedure are more during the neonatal period.

However, there is a good chance he will prefer not to be circumcised. It can be likened to a vaccine in that REDUCES but does not eliminate the risk of infection with a particular agent, and also REDUCES the risk of that infection establishing itself in the community herd immunitywhich is one of the public health principles on which all vaccines stand.

Urinary tract infection and uncircumcised state: Like the lining of the mouth, this tissue is thinner and of a different texture and color than the remainder of the skin covering the penis shaft skin.

Instead I would encourage them to look to their peers who have similar concerns.

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Circumcision is the surgical removal of the sleeve of skin and mucosal tissue that normally covers the glans head of the penis. Most foreskin problems can be successfully treated with conservative measures that do not require surgery, let alone amputation of tissue, and such medical treatments are the preferred approach today.

Therefore, it may be pertinent to state that circumcision must be done when there are medical indications. The Victorian-Edwardian doctors who wished to introduce widespread and preferably universal circumcision were not able to convince the uncircumcised adults of their day who were the ones at risk of syphilis to get themselves circumcised, but they succeeded in persuading the uncircumcised fathers to cut their boys who, being children, were not at risk.

A circumcision is a surgical procedure where the foreskin the skin covering the head of the penis is removed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infant Circumcision

The frenulum is a particularly sensitive narrow membrane that runs down the ventral groove of the glans and attaches to the inner foreskin.

The band contains whorled smooth muscle fibers, giving it pronounced elastic properties that allow the foreskin to be retracted. Circumcision is one of today's most controversial parenting topics.

The Circumcision Controversy: The Risks and Benefits of Circumcision for Babies

The Council of Jerusalem 50 CE decreed that circumcision was not a requirement for Gentiles, which became known as the " Apostolic Decree ". No such proof has ever been attempted, let alone achieved.

The lack of consensus with regard to the actual function of the prepuce, coupled with debates on the benefits of circumcision, have been controversial among the religious and cultural groups.

The International Coalition for Genital Integrity has classified circumcision as a type I genital mutilation. Why some mothers are keen to circumcise The "public health" case for circumcision The argument for widespread, and ideally universal, circumcision these days relies on the proposition that we are facing a public health crisis to which circumcision is the only answer.

Benefits Circumcision may provide the following benefits; make it easier to keep the penis clean reduce the risk of urinary tract infections especially in childhood prevents:Judaism requires male circumcision, but does not allow FGM. FGM is also practised by animist groups, particularly in Guinea and Mali.

History the – period is known in the country's historiography as the female circumcision controversy. In Circumcision is a commonly performed procedure in surgery. This procedure is as old as humanity, and so dates back to the medieval times.[] The procedure has continued to date, with several issues and ideas conflicting the practice.

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Male circumcision has often been, and remains, the subject of controversy on a number of grounds—religious, ethical, sexual, and medical. In Classical and Hellenistic civilization, Ancient Greeks and Romans posed great value on the beauty of nature, physical integrity, aesthetics, harmonious bodies and nudity, including the foreskin (see also Ancient Greek art), and were opposed to all.

Circumcision controversy flares He notes that society is widely appalled at female circumcision but seems to accept blindly that male circumcision is normal.

To cut or not? Circumcision controversy flares

'Intactivists' unite. Circumcision is a procedure that is surrounded by controversy. It is sometimes required for medical reasons, but many make the decision themselves or for theirs sons to be circumcised based on religion, culture, or the belief that it is more hygienic and likely to protect against various health problems.

Lisa Braver Moss is a writer specializing in health, parenting, family issues and humor pieces, and is the author of The Measure of His Grief (Notim Press, November ), the first novel ever to tackle the male circumcision controversy.

Male circumcision controversy
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